Congratulations on being nominated! 

Our awards are completely decided on by votes from runners, so to give yourself the best chance of winning do everything you can to make it quick and easy for your supporters! One way to do this is with the 'Vote for Us' button above.

Simply link this button from your social media/website/newsletters/promotions/signatures etc to our voting page, URL shown below, to make it quick and easy for your fans to vote for you. We found that those that did this tended to receive a large amount of votes last year. Feel free to use it how it suits including resizing it, we put a large version here to keep high quality. 

To download the button, just right click on it and choose 'save image as...'.

If you would like the image in a different format please email us here. There will be more marketing material and further information on the awards coming here soon, keep an eye out for it...