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Is compression treatment/clothing beneficial?

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All Shortlists, apart from the Special categories, are now open to vote in! Votes are accumulative and we have new rewards for voting, so please take a minute to support your favourites with a vote, or second vote, here.

Christmas categories - Book and Headphones - Winners will be announced 13th December in time for Christmas gift ideas.

Best Blog - As such a popular category among our voters, and as a category comprised mainly of runners rather than companies, this category was held open longer. Voting is now paused and will be reopened for the top 12 Personal and top 12 Professional Blogs at midday on 20th January.

Virtual Events - With so many nominations for this relatively new part of running loosely fitting into varying categories, we have now made it a category in itself. All votes have been carried across, but please vote again and help support this fantastic new part of running!

10K and 5K - Regional Results are below. The winner of each region automatically made the National Shortlists.

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