How we use Cookies

The Running Awards uses 2 kinds of cookies. The first type are ones that we directly set, and the second are ones that Google, Facebook and Twitter set for general analysis of our site's performance. Each of these will have their own cookie policy which you should refer to. By default these cookies will also be disabled.

The ones that we set are essential to the site's behaviour, and by default these are disabled. They help us know that you are logged in and so that we can store your votes and send you to the correct pages. We recommend enabling cookies in order to use all the features of the website.


Personal data we store

Summary of our policy:

Your data is encrypted by SSL.

We don't share or sell your voting data.

We will occasionally send you email updates but you can opt-out of these at any time.


Information we hold:

“Membership” data – first name, last name, email address, encrypted password and PIN, time and date of first login, time and date of most recent login, voting selections


Protection of that information – electronic records

Access to membership data is restricted to “Admin” users of The Running Awards’ CMS, protected by password.  Within the CMS, security is maintained by the software developer, EllisLab Inc., who pride themselves on offering industry-leading security.  The passwords and PINs cannot be read by The Running Awards.


Availability of personal data to the subjects of such data

All such data can be provided to the subjects of those data on demand – to be authorised by a director of the company but that authorisation not to be withheld unless legally required to do so.


How the data can be used

A             Votes are totalled anonymously, so there is no link to the voter that can be accessed from lists of vote totals for any nominee.

B             Analysis of the data can produce a list of voter names and email addresses on interrogation of the CMS by authorised staff within The Running Awards, which can only be done once logged in past the CMS security.  Encrypted archive records are inaccessible online, and are held in a secure data warehouse facility.

C             All lists of voters remain confidential and are used only to instruct marketing automation platforms such as MailChimp to send selected promotional messages and campaigns – all of which carry an “unsubscribe” option. 

D             Voting records are not sold or otherwise provided to any third parties but may be used in marketing activity by The Running Awards on behalf of third parties.

Our cookies, for lovers of detail:

Tells us the last time you visited the website

Tracks the last 5 pages viewed by the user, and is used primarily for redirection after logging in etc

Every time the state is updated (the page reloaded) the last activity is set to the current datetime. Used to determine expiry.

Each logged in member is given a random session number so we can serve you the content right for you

Tells us when we should automatically log you out

Allows you to like, even when not logged in

Used to retreive cached segments of the page. This will help load the site quicker for you

Tells the system how many entries to show per page before pagination is required

Determines if you've already submitted a survey.

Used to store small information about an action you have just carried out, such as voting. It is deleted immediately after leaving a page.

Cookies are currently disabled
If you would like to enable cookies, you can do so here. Enabling cookies will allow you to vote.