The 2016 Running Awards are here!

Take 2 minutes to place your free nominations and votes to be in with a chance of winning a hamper of some of the best products of 2015!

The 2016 awards now have a better playlist, bigger event calendar, all the results from previous years to help you find the best, and more.

Come nominate and vote to help us find the true runners’ favourites across the sport and we’ll draw a winner from our voters to win this hamper of some of the best from 2015! Plus our winner can pick their favourite shoe from all of our winners here. *

Thanks to all of our running community for your support! If you do have any comments, thoughts or questions we love it when you get in contact, so just drop us an email here.

*Shoe has to be a winner from 2015 and is subject to availability.

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The 2016 Running Awards Launch

Posted September 15th 2015 by The 2016 Running Awards

The 2016 Running Awards launch on the 21st September. Help us find the best in running with a free nomination or vote on anything from races and equipment to technology and nutrition next Monday!

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The popularity of running

Posted January 22nd 2014 by Claire @ The Running Awards

Whether a dedicated runner or not, most of us will have noticed the huge surge in the popularity of running. Is this a passing fitness fad like the neon Lycra clad aerobics classes of the 80’s or is it more a social rise in awareness of the importance of fitness and exercise?

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Is long run madness all in my head?

Posted December 16th 2013 by Dr Fenella Corrick

I can’t be the only person who has started laughing out loud during a long run when a strange thought popped into my head, or who finds mental arithmetic simultaneously extremely important and almost impossible in the final few miles of a twenty miler. I call this my long run madness. 

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