After much feedback from the running community, today we are launching a new category – Best Trail Event (with fewer than 1000 runners). Come and place your free nominations and votes here.

A quick glance out of the window and you may be put off attempting a trail run today. TRY not to be - the benefits and rewards of running on such trails far outweigh the negatives of cold, rainy weather and are the reason it is one of the fastest growing events in running! Take some inspiration from a recent world record attempt; here the runner faced some far more serious adversaries.

Last month, trail running (albeit extreme trail running/mountaineering) was in the news thanks to Tanzanian Julio Ludago. The professional mountain guide attempted to break the world record for ascending and descending Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro (5,895m). This involves running up one ascent battling high altitude, low temperatures, strong winds and of course serious incline before negotiating his way down a different route. The world record was set at an incredible 6 hrs, 56 mins and 24 seconds by Swiss – Ecuadorian Kuri Egloff in September 2014; unfortunately for Ludago this outstanding record still stands.

As with all professional runners, failure has not put Ludago off and he will be attempting to break the world record again soon. To find out more click here. We don’t expect all nominations to be extreme trails up dormant volcanic mountains, but please come and let us know your favourites, whether for beauty, difficulty, organisation or anything else, here, and the most popular will be awarded at the 2016 ceremony.

We will be keeping all events in the category to just those with fewer than 1,000 participants. With all other categories open to every size event we felt that there should be one category that helped give smaller events the upper hand, as all of our awards are decided purely on votes.

Have the likes of Ludago and Egloff persuaded you out for an event this autumn? Then check out which Trail Events are coming up here, then go hit the trails (and nominate/vote please!!)

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