After reading through our hundreds of nominees this month we realised some amazing running statistics had cropped up. Interesting, inspiring or just weird here are some of the favourites we stumbled upon…

6,800,000 runners raised money for charities last year! April 2013 – April 2014.

19,024 miles - How far Forest Gump would have ran in his famous 3 year, 2 month, 14 day and 16 hour run.

700 calories are burnt on average every hour spent running, the equivalent to a burger and chips or 5 bags of crisps.

262 miles Dean Karnazes ran in one go. It took him 75 hours.

200 mph is the top speed a Peregrine Falcon reaches when diving, making it the fastest animal on the planet. A Cheetah’s top speed is around 75mph, just faster than the fastest fish, the Sail Fish, which can swim 68mph!

92% of the energy Usain Bolt produced in his 100m world-record run in Berlin 2009 was used to battle air resistance. He reached a top speed of 27mph!

53 - Word-Record holder Amy Hughes, 26, is on track to run her 53rd marathon in 53 days this Saturday in Manchester. The male record stands at 52 and she has already smashed the female record of 17! Read more here.

29 – Women run at their top speed at the age of 29, whereas men reach their top speed at 27. You lose around 2% of your speed for each year above your optimum age.

6.1% - Tests have shown that runners wearing knee length compression socks on a treadmill run 6.1% faster than without.

1 run today, however tired you may feel, will be better for you than 0! “Wow, I really regret that workout.” – No One Ever

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