The IPC’s decision to ban all Russian athletes from the Paralympics, when the same action was not taken at the Olympics, not only caused a stir around the world but had some serious consequences. Here we look at our running community’s opinions on the decision following the results of last week’s poll.

The running community voted in favour of the ban, with nearly two-thirds, 65.4%, agreeing that all Russian athletes should be banned. By no means an overwhelming majority, but it does show how seriously such doping scandals can tarnish a reputation. Interestingly the IOC (International Olympic Committee) banned only 118 competitors of the 389-strong Russian team from the Olympics.

This discrediting of athletes and even nations is now the aim of Russian hacking group, the Fancy Bears, who released the medical records of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome amongst others.  Froome, who has admitted taking a steroid for a chest infection, commented:

"I've openly discussed my TUEs (Therapeutic use exemption) with the media and have no issues with the leak which confirms my statements. In nine years as a professional I've twice required a TUE for exacerbated asthma, the last time was in 2014."

These hackings led to allegations of the group being linked to the state. Arguments centred around the fact that if there are accusations of state-funded doping why not hacking? At the very least it is likely that the hacking scandal would never have happened were it not for the ban.

A more positive reaction to the news was the launch of Russia’s own Paralympics with their opening ceremony on September 7th. The Games lasted 3 days, featured 263 athletes and was reported a huge success, by Russia.

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