Child-Friendly Event Category Open

The 2017 Running Awards have opened the new Child-Friendly Event category, following the overwhelming vote in favour in the homepage poll. Support your favourites with a free nomination/vote here.

With nearly 80% of runners supporting the idea (77.57%) there is clearly a high demand for such a category to be recognised.  Building on initiatives such as Good Gym (Innovation in Running) and #thisgirlcanrun (Inspiration in Running) picking up accolades at the last Awards, we think it’s a great idea to include Child-Friendly Events as an award category this year.

One of the most successful child initiatives is The Daily Mile, simply including a mile run/walk for children at primary school every day. This was started in 2012 by St Ninian’s Primary in Stirling and quickly spread through schools across the UK. Early scientific studies show that the level of obesity at St Ninian’s School is around 45% less than the national average and that it also leaves children more focused and ready to learn.

Tanni Grey-Thompson, the celebrated Paralympian, is an advocate of the campaign stating:

“It’s fantastic to see initiatives like the daily mile be established, showing real leadership from the education sector to improve children’s fitness levels, their cognitive behaviour and make a real difference to schools, teachers, parents and young people’s lives.”

These children’s sports campaigns have led to a growing number of Child-Friendly Events, and we have been receiving many emails from runners and organisers alike recommending and praising the work that many of these do. It is thanks to these emails and the results of the poll that we have launched the new category - so please keep up the support and nominate/vote for your favourites here and help us recognise and reward the top in the UK.

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Child-Friendly Event Category Open

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Child-Friendly Event Category Open

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