As running continues to expand with the largest amount of participation worldwide of any sport, so too of course does the world of online blogging…

This year we were overwhelmed with the amount of Running Blog nominations in just a matter of weeks. What was most interesting this year was the diversity, with part-time runners, ultra-runners, professional runners, adventurers, charity campaigners and professional bloggers, amongst many others!

Following feedback rom our voters we realised that this was far too wide a spectrum to recognise in one category fairly. So, we have split our Bloggers shortlist into a list of 12 Professional Blogs and 12 Personal Blogs thereby adding an extra award and recognising this diversity.

Click here to see who were voted the 12 best Personal Running Blogs, and vote again for one of the top 12 as your chosen winner. Click here for the 12 best Professional Blogs and to vote. To see how they are separated and all the other category rules click here.