Goody Bags at races

What do runners really want in a Race Goody Bag? Here's what 844 told us...

Unsurprisingly, with just over half of the votes, the most popular item was the technical running shirt. Any regular runner knows they can never have too many!

Interestingly, 14% of runners would simply like a cheaper event rather than anything in a goody bag. We would of course agree however, considering that many products in the bag are sponsored and obtained at a low cost, the reduction in race entry would be small considering the amount of product lost. For many, for the sake of a couple of extra pounds it would be worth the goody bag, especially as it is often a time a runner can try and hopefully find a new running product they wouldn't normally consider.

Beer, the next most popular answer! Of course, what better way to rehydrate?

Nutrition came just after, edging out running discounts by 1%. Both good additions, but again following feedback, these should be worthwhile discounts. No-one takes seriously a very small discount to next year's event when they have just done it and there are so many options to race everywhere now. A large discount (a 3 for the price of 2 was mentioned several times) or an added feature to the race.

And finally, with a tiny 4% of the votes is Hydration. One of the most important parts of running, so we talked it through in the office. Our conclusion - possibly that the majority of runners already know exactly what hydration products work best for them, so are less keen to try new ones. Would you agree? We love any feedback, just contact us here.