Good loos? Good news!

Following last week’s quick poll, the consensus of over 1,000 runners was that poorly organised toilets can be the most annoying part of any running event, with over half (53%) finding it the most frustrating part of an event when it goes wrong!

The fact that poor signage (18%), a lack of drinks stations (14%) and a poor bag drop (10%) received less votes combined should alert race directors to the fact that toilets are the important logistical issue to runners now! Of course, most won’t choose a race solely due to this, but poor reviews will discourage people. Interestingly, the most influential factors to runners choosing a race can be seen here.

With bag drops often organised by external companies, race directors need to research these companies’ histories thoroughly as not all have perfect records! However, drinks stations are easier for running events to ensure work perfectly as these don’t have the same costs as bag drops (which often involve transport) and toilets. Many of our voters have emailed us praising an event not just for the quality or amount of drinks stations but also the support given at them by volunteers!

Signage is an interesting one as most feel this should always be perfect, organisers/crew should know the route like the back of their hand! There are of course many trail endurance races where navigation is part of the event, unfortunately The Venice Marathon wasn’t one! Showing it can happen at even some of the top events.

Oh, and chatty runners don’t worry, only 5% of other runners find you the MOST annoying part of their race!

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Good loos? Good news!

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Good loos? Good news!

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