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The results are in! On the face of it, runners prefer morning runs, Half Marathons and to get their gait analysed when buying the right running shoes. 41.6% of runners will also train in the gym 2 or more times a week and with the Winter months approaching this is likely to rise.

This makes for interesting statistics when devising a training programme. There are many that use such statistics to find a training scheme that averages it out for all, here though we feel a better approach is to fill in your own personal preferences and follow The Running Bug’s free generated training plan, here.

Amongst many other aspects, you can choose your training plan by distance of the race that you want to enter. Our recent poll showed that Half Marathons and 10Ks are the most popular with Endurance and 5Ks not far behind. All of which are options in the bespoke training plans.

This makes sense when looking at the surge in popularity of parkrun across not just the UK but the globe now and the addition of Halfs and 10Ks to so many marathons in recent years. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, runners are searching for new and different events, and it is the diversity of Endurance and Obstacle races that are now appealing to many, so do take a look at those runners have nominated as the best here if you want something a little different…

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Find Your Perfect Training Programme

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Find Your Perfect Training Programme

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Find Your Perfect Training Programme

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Posted June 03rd 2016 by The 2016 Running Awards in association with JustGiving

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