Drugs, women turning into men, cheats and a chicken nugget loving sprinter deemed too tall to compete at the highest level!

Part 1 of 3…

Part 1 of 3…

Stella Walsh – ‘Stella the Fella'

The Olympic Gold winner had a tough life by anyone’s reckonings. She was taunted throughout school for her boyish looks, unable to keep a job in her beloved Cleveland, coined ‘ Bull Montana’ by journalists then murdered during a mugging gone wrong.

Though always famous in her home town, the Polish sprinter burst into the public eye when she won Gold in the Women’s 100m at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.  She went on to reportedly win more than 5,000 races, earn hundreds of trophies and officially set 20 world records in track. She was still running professionally at the age of 69 in Masters Events, was a talented coach and apparently beating men in bar-room arm wrestles.

Some journalists were validated however when a post mortem revealed that she may have been a man.

This revelation not only takes some of the glory out of her achievements but makes it ironic that during a long going feud with fellow runner Helen Stephens, her camp started rumours claiming that Stephens was in fact a man!


Fred Lorz – 'Marathon Man'

It seems Walsh isn’t the only man to have taken shortcuts to victory in the Olympics. American Fred Lorz was revealed to have been driven 11 miles during the 1904 Olympic Marathon, before entering the stadium and finishing first!

It’s hard to brand the man a cheat as he owned up and had originally only been making his way back when spectators thought he was still in the race and cheered him on, he decided to run past as a joke.

One can understand his need for help, as due to the scorching weather (32 °C ) only 14 of the 34 entrants completed the race and the eventual winner, Thomas Hicks, finished in the slowest ever Olympic Marathon time of: 3:28:53. He then collapsed and had to be revived by Doctors who stated he was close to death.

Considering Lorz went on to win The Boston Marathon the following year he may regret taking a lift!