Charity categories opened at midday today, now split into large and small charities to allow every charity more of a chance. Help your favourites with a free nomination/vote here.

With so much running done with the aim to raise funds for charity this has always been one of our biggest categories, meaning every year we are inundated with nominations and votes. This is why we keep voting open right up to the final second at the awards ceremony.

There are now over 200,000 registered charities in the UK, meaning there is a substantial difference in the size of some of these. The smaller charities’ work is just as important but they often don’t have the same means or are too localised to be able to have the same reach and support as the larger charities. So, to be able to recognise their fantastic work as well, we opened this new category, Small Charities.

To differentiate between large and small charities we look at the information supplied by The UK Charity Commission. If a charity’s income is published at £5m or above in their latest publication, it is categorized as a large charity, if lower, it is put into the Small Charity category. You can find more information here.

We’re delighted to have these categories now open, so do please help your favourites with your free nominations and votes here.

Thanks for being involved!

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