This is a subject, like many amongst runners, that splits opinion mainly due to a mixture of bias and running differences. I for one would advise against running with an over enthusiastic Portuguese Water Dog who delights in tackling you mid run, but each to their own. I did a little research online and found these to be some of the popular opinions of the running community.

Border Collie – An agile and experienced herding dog. Regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds, this is a loyal dog that enjoys being given tasks to do. However, if not mentally and physically stimulated can become troublesome. Would suit - medium to frequent runner.

Jack Russell Terrier – Though some would discount it due to its size, this muscular breed have no problems keeping up with humans and can easily run all day. A great choice for those that would prefer a small dog. Would suit – light to frequent runner.

German Shepherd – A large, exceptional runner with a loyal nature. Needs daily runs to suit its migration instinct. Great for serious runners, though due to the amount of exercise they require perhaps more suited to those with the time to do this. Would suit - medium to frequent runner.

Vizsla – Naturally a very fit dog, they are renowned for their ease to train, making them great running companions in populated areas. Bred as a hunter these dogs have an aptitude for retrieving, pointing and tracking however cannot always be trusted with pets they have not grown up with due to this. Would suit – medium to frequent runner.

Siberian Husky – Bred as a sled dog, they love to run. This high energy breed can be the ideal running buddy however needs a large amount of exercise and to be trained well. If they do not see their owner as the natural pack leader they can be mischievous, but for an experienced dog handler they can be a loyal, intelligent companion. Would suit - frequent runner.

Icelandic Sheepdog – A small, well natured dog that thrives with plenty of attention. Always alert and generally very friendly, they love exercise. Unlike others on this list, due to their size shorter runs can suffice as long as they are regular. Would suit – light to medium runner.

These are just a few of the most popular that cropped up on numerous lists. As we are awards for runners voted by runners, we would love to know your opinions on the best breed to run with. Email us here and we will add the most popular breeds to the article. Got a photo of your running buddy, hashtag #therunningawards and we’ll add on instagram.