There are some fantastic new features to this year’s Running Awards, including voters can now get discounts on running kit simply by placing free votes!

As voters make a vote the running man moves forward a klick for every vote and when he reaches 5K you will be sent a unique code by email for 10% discount plus free UK delivery at the 2017 Top Online Retailer, (as voted by Runners).  If you don’t want to vote in 5 races you can continue to the 5K mark with the categories for shoes, clothing and charities next week when the other categories open on 21st September.

There’s an option to share your vote on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like to let all your running buddies know your choice.  As ever it is completely free to nominate and vote and only takes a minute.

Codes are valid till the end of the year so you can always save them for Christmas shopping!

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10% discount on running kit available when you make 5 votes

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