New Blogger Categories

As with all other categories The Running Awards verify the nominees and check there has been no fraudulent voting. As Blogs is such a diverse Category it has been split into 3 sub-sections as follows: ‘Personal Blog’, ‘Professional Blog’ and ‘Vlog, Pod and Micro-Blog’.

Clearly there is an overlap between each of these sections but each nominee has been placed in the category in which they seem to be strongest, even if they have a cross-over into other areas. 

The division of Nominees has been researched and the positioning of bloggers carefully considered and we hope that bloggers will be pleased with where they have been placed, however, the decision of The Running Awards is final.

 As always, if any nominee/shortlistee would like to be removed from the Voting please let us know.

Personal Blog

Any running related blog. This can be online or in print but must not be for profit. The overwhelming content must be completely free and not driving sales or supporting a business.  An occasional reference or link can be ignored.

Professional Blog

 Any running related blog. This can be online or in print and intended to bring in revenue.

Vlog, Pod and Micro Blog

Vlogs and Podcasts, whether they are Personal or Professional will be in this category. Where a Vlog is secondary to other professional aspects it will be placed in the Professional category. Blogs that are mainly done through social media, images, audio or are very small amounts of text will also be included.