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What is most important to you when signing up for an event (of your chosen distance and terrain)?

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Voting is now open in all shortlists!

Community categories have been kept open  as we have had an unheard-of amount of nominees, votes and excitement to get to this stage and with the majority not-for-profit it feels a shame to exclude those with such a community feel so early….

The Christmas category results will be officially announced on 13th December, hopefully this will give everyone time to see the true runners' favourites and get the right gifts for the runners in their lives!

As always all nominations and votes are free to ensure we find the true runners' favourites.

Following feedback from the success of the 2016 awards there have been several category changes, including several Charity category changes due to the importance of Charity in the running world. The categories' opening dates are staggered due to the high volume of nominations/votes we received last year, so we are pleased to annnounce that the Charity categories are now open.

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